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Survey on Experiences in Sleep

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This survey covers potential factors influencing consciousness, sleep and dreams.

Our goal is to link physical, social and psychological factors of everyday life with e.g. sleep quality, dream recall, consciousness in dreams, or specific dream contents. With this we hope to enhance future lucid dreaming practice and get a more integrated understanding of dreams.

The survey is being conducted by spell bound, steeph and others form the German lucid dreaming community:

The entire survey will be anonymous: It is not necessary to provide contact data or any other personal details. Data protection and privacy of the participants is very important to us. The survey serves only non-commercial purposes. It will always be possible to provide no information to individual questions. However please make use of this possibility only when necessary, to ensure most useful results.

The results and analysis of the survey will be published on and other lucid dreaming websites. When you have finished the questionnaire you will already get a few preliminary results.

Please answer honestly and on the basis of the actual experiences you had. There will always be fields for comments and clarifications.

Make sure you have about 1 hour of time to answer the quenstionnaire carefully. If you want to, you also can take breaks as long as you don't close the page.

Please don't use the back button of your browser! If you made a mistake and would like to go back a page, use the back button at the bottom of the page.

Enjoy the questionnaire!

A. General questions
When indicated, please answer the questions referring to the most common states in the last 3 months.
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